Monthly Archives: May 2012

Rates Thursday

Mortgage rates are dropping still. According to Freddie Mac average 30 year loan interest is 3.75%. The 15 year loan interest is now 2.97%. Overall, it’s been a pretty great week for buyers and lenders.



Social Media for Business

Social media is now a fixture in marketing. However, as the article states, making the best of an online presence is key. Consistent posting, designated filters and budgeting are all good ways to create and maintain a successful social media existence.

Friday Fun

Happy Friday! Trulia took an interesting survey about housing, relationships and happiness. 43% of people surveyed do not think that owning a home means a person is serious about a long-term committed relationship. Home ownership can be a goal for everyone, not just those who are married or coupled.

Rates Thursday

Mortgage rates are continuing to decrease. A thirty year fixed rate is now 3.78%. This is great new for the buyer’s market. Many homes are now on the market and easier to obtain.


MLS Monday

The Chicago market overview from April 2011-2012 has given generally positive information including:

  • 14.8% change in all closed sale properties
  • Detached single family closed sales were up 9.4%
  • Detached single family listings under contract are up 52.6%
  • Attached single family listings under contract are up 63.4%

It looks like the market is continuing to improve. Happy Monday!

Social Media Roundup

How far has social media gone? This chart illustrates how popular social media has become. With Facebook going public this week and projected to reach 1 billion users this summer, social media interest and engagement continues. Advertisement revenue via social media are estimated to reach 9.8 billion by 2016.

MLS Monday

Closed sales in DuPage County are up 15% from May 2011-April 2012. This information was provided by #MRED.



Friday Fun

It’s a wheel of email! What type of email do you have and why?


Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate has a great blog post this week about the differences between a fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate.

The Future of Facebook

Facebook was uncool the moment you’re Mom joined. Now what?

What is the future of social networking sites? Are they simple fads that people, especially Millennials, cling to for digital method of self-expression? Facebook even has parodies. Failbook is a humorous website dedicated to posting embarrassing Facebook mishaps.

Is Facebook experiencing the final flush of it’s fifteen minutes of fame? It can be addiction. Whenever a friend deactivates their page, I’m floored. What does one do without Facebook?

An active MySpace profile incites laughter. Will Facebook be similarly ridiculed in five years? Has Facebook become a Red Giant? Will it eventually explode, scattering bits and pieces of social media all across the internet? Is Facebook a sustainable social network? These questions needed to be asked.

The most recent trend is bundling. Social networks are bundled together, most companies have at least a Facebook, Twitter and blog. Even Failbook.

Mark Zuckerberg is currently touring to drum up interest in Facebook going public. There are currently over 900 million users.