Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thursday Rates

Guaranteed Rate has a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate at  3.500% available today!

Friday Fun

Apparently according to employers not having a Facebook makes you a sociopath? Does not having an “online life” make one a peculiar person?


Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate is offering a 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate at 3.000%.


Rates Thursday

A 30 Year Fixed Mortgage rate is staying at 3.500%. Compared to competitor mortgage rates Guaranteed Rate is the lowest.


Saturday Catch-Up

Higher quality properties may increase in the 2013 market.

Lower mortgage rates will proceed into 2014.

An interesting update to our markets, looks like there will be more on the market, but lower mortgages, so real estate will be busy!

Friday Social: Protected Passwords

Illinois is the third state to pass a law keeping employers away from potential employees social media accounts. This is an important step in the future of online password privacy. 15 states have introduced similar bills, let’s hope the next 35 states will catch on.


Rates Thursday

This week, Guaranteed Rate is offering a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate of 3.500% and a 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate of 3.000%.


The Housing Market

There have been countless positive articles released about the new uptick in the housing market. But, are we being too positive? The market has improved. Should self-control be prescribed? Optimism should be cleverly guarded, even according to Deal Estate. Yes, we have had recent success, but we are a long way to full market recovery.