Monthly Archives: September 2012

Saturday Catch-Up

Agents interested in new apps should check out this link. HomeSnap is the office favorite. With an iPhone or iPad  all you need to do is take a photo and price information pops up. This app is FREE in the app store. Check it out today! Keep selling!


Friday Fun: How to Use Linkedin for Business

Don’t have a Linkedin yet? The number one reason to create a Linkedin today is to communicate online with clients, past and present.

Not convinced? Linkedin now imports your resume to your page, so input is unnecessary. Just upload your file and you’re all set.

You can even create a group on Linkedin to keep in contact with clients! Also, remember to invite clients to write up a quick review for your profile.

Good luck, agents!

Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate remains steady at a mortgage rate of 3.250% for a 30 Year Fixed Rate.

MLS Monday

Hope everyone had a great weekend of showings. This past year has been an amazing change for real estate. Homes under contract in DuPage County have risen over 30% in the past year!


Saturday Catch Up

Gaining followers and fans is still the major reason for brand social media. According to Forbes magazine, reporting on the Awareness survey, this is followed by traffic to the brand’s website. It’s extremely important to get followers to click on the brand’s sponsored site. There is one point missing. Getting “out there” is now expected. If a company doesn’t have a Facebook page, they might be viewed as being stuck in the dark ages. Social media is about getting online and joining the conversation.

Buying or Renting?

According to the Trulia Report, buying a house is cheaper than renting. In Chicago the difference is over fifty percent. The housing market is continuing to improve, however, many are unable to afford the down payment in order to purchase a home.

MLS Monday

Chicago closed sales are up this year by an outstanding 16%! This was a great summer for everyone. Keep up the great work!



Saturday Catch-Up

Chicago Agent Magazine released a poll on agents thoughts on license transitions. A staggering 81% claim licensing should be more difficult. Do you agree? Full article is available here.


Saturday Catch-Up

Technology is catching on in the real estate world. According to Chicago Agent Magazine 81% of Realtors spend more than 2 hours online. The generational shift is evident, as more Gen X’es and Millennials enter the real estate business,  the more web friendly real estate will become.