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Saturday Catch Up: Working the Best Job

Forbes Magazine recently listed the happiest and unhappiest jobs. Real estate comes in at the number one happiest job. Realtors have the option to be flexible and to set their own schedules. Interested in a Real Estate Career? Do you want to work the happiest job? Follow this link!

Realtor with African American couple outside house for sale

Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate is offering a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate of 3.65%. Take advantage of this wonderful real estate option now!



Friday Fun



Amenities are often included with a house. How would you like to sell a house with one of these? Happy Friday! Keep selling!


Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate is offering a fixed rate for 15 Years at 2.875%. Now is the time to secure this amazing deal!




Millennial Challenge

How can real estate succeed in a world of millennials? Owning a home is still part of the “dream” behind being a good parent, good person and having a great job. With college loan debt and continuing unemployment, the possibility of the real estate market declining in the upcoming years is a real one. How the real estate world can keep up with millennials is appealing to their technology usage and their intelligence. Keeping interest rates low is also a great way to get millennial buyers.


MLS Monday: Get Those Listings!

Inventory  might be low, but sales and prices are strong! We are selling in a good community that is in high-demand. The average list price in Elmhurst is consistently rising and is at $460,66. There was a significant price bump of 2.2%.

average elmhurst list price

Saturday Catch Up

The KCM blog continues to have a wealth of information. Overall, home prices may rise at least three percent. The best bet for those looking to buy is to get an agent now rather than later!

sold house

The breakdown of those looking to buy in future via KCM is as follows:

  • Move to a significantly bigger home (49%)
  • Move to a nicer home (17.5%)
  • Move to a nicer part of town (8.6%)

Friday Fun



Great cartoon! It’s a good example of what happens to houses that sit on the market. But with inventory being low… maybe it would sell!



Rates Thursday

Guaranteed Rate is offering a 30 Year Fixed Mortgage rate of 3.750%. Now is a great time to get a mortgage from Guaranteed Rate, as rates will increase soon!


Time to Sell!

Sellers, take advantage of this amazing opportunity! Real estate is booming, but the major issue is availability of inventory. This is a great time for buyers and sellers to intersect. Want to sell your house? Do it now! Mortgage rates are low and sellers are looking. Spring sellers will bring an inventory increase. Now is the best time. According to the KCM Blog, inventory fell almost 5% and is at it’s lowest level. List your house today with LW Reedy Real Estate and be ready for a quick sell!