The College View Subdivision spans from West Avenue on the west to St. Mary’s/St map college viewPeter’s Cemetery on the east and from Alexander Boulevard on the north to Elm Park Avenue on the south, although some residents expand those boundaries south to St. Charles Road. One of the smaller subdivisions of Elmhurst, the homes here are an eclectic assortment of ages, sizes and architecture, which may explain why College View is widely considered one of Elmhurst’s most sought after neighborhoods.

On the eastern side of the subdivision is a little Imagecemetery that holds remains dating back to the beginning of Elmhurst’s history. With two names, the eastern part of the cemetery is marked as St. Peter’s Cemetery and adjacent is St. Mary Cemetery & Columbarium, run by The Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Joliet.

In 1900, Thomas Edward Wilder joined with others to create The Elmhurst Golf Club, which stretched 70 acres and entertained prominent Elmhurst residents with golf, dining, card gaclub housemes and social events. The clubhouse, which sat where York High School sits today, was designed by local resident Walter Burley Griffin, who was famous for his Prairie style architecture. The Club had all the amenities of a gathering place of the day, including a broad porch for enjoying the fresh air, and sleeping accommodations for non-resident members who came into town for golf weekends.

ImageThe club’s course was considered one of the premier golf courses in the area and events including fireworks, dances and the Labor Day Golf Tournament were common. Mr. Wilder won the pictured cup at the tournament in 1914. (Picture used by permission of The Elmhurst Historical Museum.)

As Elmhurst became known as a desirable place to live, the need for residential land intensified. In 1924, The Elmhurst Golf Club was renamed and moved to Addison and the land was sold for residential development. Initially, it was thought that land closer to the college would be more expensive, with values decreasing as the distance from the college increased, but that did not end up being the case. College View is a nice mix of higher end million dollar homes and smaller starter homes in the $300,000 range.

There are currently five properties available in College View. Here is the link to our new MLS Mapping Search tool if you’d like to see for yourself. Or contact an LW Reedy Agent for information on College View or any of Elmhurst’s wonderful neighborhoods.

Residents of College View are in the award winning Elmhurst School District 205 and would attend Hawthorne Elementary School, Sandburg Middle School and York High School. Click here for more information on links to school reports and more.

 We gratefully acknowledge the time and assistance the good people at The Elmhurst Historical Museum provided in researching the College View Subdivision. They were, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource for this series.

The View From The College

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