Kids Rule in Downtown Elmhurst

Summer break will be here before you know it, and Elmhurst’s City Centre just became the place to go for fun.Image

Three new stores have opened, all catering to the young and young at heart. First is Main Street Candy and Toys, located just down the street from LW Reedy, in the space My Favorite Toy Store previously occupied.  The store, owned by Victoria Brewton, showcases a great selection of nostalgic and hard to find specialty toys, along with Imageold-fashioned candies.

Main Street Candy and Toys hosted their grand opening just last Saturday with an Easter Egg Hunt and Raffle. When first entering the store, you’ll see bins of old-fashioned candies, a selection of toys and games for kids of all ages, and some exquisite costumes that any princess would swoon over. It certainly is a place to visit when your children are looking for something to fill those summer days when they’re complaining of nothing to do.

Speaking of little princesses, Pout in Pink just opened right around the corner from Starbucks.Image Billed as a “Unique Boutique and Party Center,” Pout in Pink offers a stunning array of Pettiskirts, fancy dresses, hair accessories, and anything else a pampered little girl would want. They also offer the social butterfly a place for parties, including tea parties, princess, rock star or Hollywood parties. There were even whispers of Frozen themed parties. For the princes of Elmhurst, Pout in Pink has child sized bow and regular ties.

ImageNow that your princess is all decked out in her finery, head over to Sweet P Doll Studio, right around the corner from Fruitful Yield. But don’t forget your princess’ doll. At ImageSweet P Doll Studio, owner Paula Breunig makes everything a couples event. The focus at Sweet P is on pampering your little girl’s baby.  In fact, Sweet P allows customers to create a personalized doll outfit, paint and design a piece of doll furniture or learn how to do stuff in their doll workshop, all with extra bling. Sweet P also does theme parties for little girls and their dolls.

So when this summer gets to the point you think it will never end, just take the kids on a stroll downtown. All of you will have a great time and you can feel good about shopping local.


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