Crescent Park: Particularly Beautiful

ImageElmhurst is made up of many different neighborhoods, some developed over a century ago. Our fifth in the “Elmhurst Neighborhoods” series explores one of the older neighborhoods in Elmhurst, built on land originally owned by Adam and Katharina Glos. The Crescent Park subdivision is located east of Poplar Street and south of St. Charles Road. The eastern boundary is the Eisenhower Expressway with the southern boundary once railroad tracks, but now the Prairie Path.

Crescent Park was once known as the Glos Farm, established in 1836 by early settlers Adam and Katharina Glos. Originally platted as a cemetery, this land stayed in the Glos family for over 75 years. Adam and Katharina, who are buried in the little cemetery just off St Charles Road on Poplar Avenue, were the parents of Henry L. Glos, the well known businessman and civic leader of early Elmhurst. Jacob Gloss, Henry’s brother, sold the 128 acre farm in 1926, to a Chicago syndicate who hired American Park Builders Association to develop it. Newspapers did not disclose the exact amount of the transaction, but said it was the highest price ever paid for acreage in Elmhurst or DuPage County.

ImageBesides the exclusivity that comes with costliness, Crescent Park’s selling points included 150 heavily wooded lots “for particular people who build particular homes.” The ads also mentioned four railroads between the Loop and Elmhurst, providing fast and frequent service during the day, as well as, during rush hour. The ads went on to say there were three continuous concrete auto highways to Elmhurst which makes the 30 minute drive a pleasure. Clearly traffic in 1926 was not the issue it is today.

Marketing for the development described driveways that were 66 feet wide dividing the tract into many small parks which provided a lovely setting for the handsome homes, required to cost at least $8,000, not including the price of the land.

Crescent Park remains one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Elmhurst, maintaining its sense of community through the years. Many in the subdivision believe that it was the first neighborhood to put lighted Christmas trees in the middle of every lawn, a tradition which marked its 50th anniversary in 2003 and continues to this day.

The properties in this area of Elmhurst still reflect Imagethe beautiful subdivision advertised in 1926 with handsome homes and expansive yards. If you are interested in viewing homes in Crescent Park, use LW Reedy’s new MLS Mapping Search tool or contact a LW Reedy Agent for information on this, or any of Elmhurst’s wonderful neighborhoods. LW Reedy currently has a number of beautiful Crescent Park properties just waiting for the right family to move in.

Residents of this neighborhood are in the award winning Elmhurst School District 205 and would attend Edison Elementary School , Sandburg Middle School and York High School. Click here for more information on those schools and links to school reports and more.

We gratefully acknowledge all of the time and assistance Nancy WIlson at Elmhurst Historical Museum provided in our research. She is, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource for this series. Graphics are used with permission of the Elmhurst Historical Museum.

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