A Silver Dollar for Coach Newton

LW Reedy’s long history of supporting the York Community High School cross country team started soon after Joe Newton’s inaugural season as head coach in 1960. A friend introduced Larry Reedy, Senior, an athlete and all-around sports fan and the founder of LW Reedy Real Estate, to Coach Joe Newton. Larry Senior’s friend, an Elmhurst police officer, had a son on Joe’s team. Knowing Larry Senior would appreciate Joe’s coaching style, he invited him to a cross country meet.

Joe and Larry Senior immediately hit it off, and Larry Senior looked for ways to support Joe’s team, including attending many practices and meets. Larry Reedy Senior become a loyal fan of the team and the coach. When the team won one of their first state championships, Larry Senior wanted to mark the occasion with a special treat. He took the runners and coaches to White Fence Farm to celebrate. Since then the coach and his teams have won state 28 times and come in 2nd place 12 times and 3rd place 6 times.

While the White Fence Farm visit did not become a tradition, another tradition soon took hold. Larry Senior was known for giving silver dollars to people who made an impression on him. He often gave them to people he met in retirement homes, children, and others he found interesting. When Joe’s team won state meets, Larry Senior gave each team member a silver dollar. Sadly, Larry Senior passed away in 1986, but the tradition of handing out silver dollars to the team members in Larry’s honor continues. Leo or Dick Reedy, Larry Senior’s sons, give silver dollars to the team members at the York fall sports awards.

The legacy continues. Fifty-six cross country seasons later, as Coach Newton passes the baton to Coach Charlie Kern, Larry Reedy, Senior’s grandson, also named Larry Reedy (in honor of his grandfather), prepares to celebrate L.W. Reedy’s 65th year in business. As Charlie Kern takes on the head coaching position and Joe Newton ends his last season as head coach, the LW Reedy family continues to support the team.

The entire LW Reedy family and agents wish Joe Newton a happy retirement on behalf of his old friend, Larry Reedy, Senior. Thank you for years of inspiring our local Elmhurst youth to work hard, believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Coach Kern, we look forward to a future continuing the tradition of the long green line.

For more information about Coach Newton, please visit this article  in the Chicago Tribune, and this interview from GaryCohenRunning.com.




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