Four Common Misconceptions About Real Estate Transactions: Part Three—Home Insurance vs. Home Warranties

What’s the difference between home insurance and home warranties? Do you need both? Let’s find out. At first, many homeowners think a home warranty is an unnecessary expense and believe they are already covered by their home insurance. However, while both types of protection help you in the event of loss or damage, they cover different issues.

The difference between home insurance and home warranties becomes clear when thinking through examples of various kinds of peril and damage that can occur to your home and to the items within your home. Here are some examples:

Understanding the differences between home insurance and home warranty can help you prevent unnecessary expense when the unexpected occurs. With both home insurance and a home warranty, you’re covered.


Look for the final installment in our series on four common misconceptions about real estate transactions next month. Next up: understanding earnest money. To learn more, contact us today. We would love to help. To keep up with important housing market updates, follow us on Facebook.


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